"Thus she appeared the woman of delight, the strong and delicate instrument of pleasure, the voluptuous and magnificent animal destined to illustrate a table, to brighten a bed, to arouse the ambiguous fantasies of an aesthetic lust. Thus she appeared in the maximum splendor of her animality: happy, restless, pliable, soft, cruel." (G. D'Annunzio)

I am KittenNoire, a simple girl who loves all the beauty that life can give us and, among these, sex is perhaps the most important thing. Sex that, often, we forget to live freely and then find ourselves feeding on regrets, when now the time at our disposal is approaching to run out.

"Indomitable, Chameleonic and Passionately Female"

I am like that, you know, sensitive people feel double, they feel first. Because, exactly one step ahead of their body, their soul walks. "

I live a wonderful journey to discover sensitivity, nourishing myself with the passion of others, with their little big gestures, looks and sighs.

With me you can only start from the surface and, to get into the folds of the spirit, you need caution but also a great deal of initiative on the part of those who want me.

The pleasure, the fulfillment of the desire of a man who is hungry for me, gives a taste so sweet that it is addictive.

Don't look for me if you are undecided! Sex doesn't like hesitation !!

If you are ready to know me, dream and imagine with me. Together we achieve what we want to create

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